About Us

Our Vision

We see LNR Kids™ as a unique opportunity to help us all become better communicators and more effective parents, raising children that will grow up to be well-rounded, loving, nurturing, and respectful of others.

Our vision is to create a world where children are free from corporal punishment in schools, a world in which all children are loved, nurtured, and treated with respect and, as a result, are able to blossom and meet their full potential.

We want to create an evolution in the cultural norm in the use of corporal punishment - a cultural shift similar to that around the unacceptability of drinking and driving or the importance of the use of kid's safety seats...


Our Mission

At LNR Kids™, we believe all children deserve unconditional love and respect. Our mission is to offer every adult the opportunity to learn practical skills, techniques, and tools that will better equip them to communicate with, and nurture, our future generations.

Launching in 2013 and powered by Telesto, LNR Kids™ will be a free global online portal that will deliver culturally diverse e-learning courses, videos, articles, games, and tools; all created with insight from leading educators and psychologists. These courses and tools will be offered to parents and adults who care for, or interact with children and will reinforce that:

  • Children need love, nurturing, and respect to reach their potential.
  • Raising your voice or your hand will never empower a child to learn or do better.
  • Yelling at or hitting a child is at best a form of bullying, and at worst retaliation.
  • Basic human rights don't have a minimum age requirement and children have the same basic human rights as adults.

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